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"Does Acupuncture hurt?"

This is a very common question. There are different kinds of experiences during the treatment process. Some patients feel almost no sensation, some feel slight sensation, and others feel that it can be intense at times. Different acupuncture points provide different levels of intensity and usually reflect a patients "prognosis". New patients are usually apprehensive of the treatment process at first, but find after completing the first treatment, the ends justify the means.


"What can Acupuncture Treat?"

From Men's and Women's reproductive health to Pain, to Insomnia and stress, acupuncture can treat a myriad of diseases. This is possible because the goal of acupuncture is not to directly treat your ailments, but to enhance your body's ability to heal itself. By treating your body as a unit and not as a sum of parts, the treatments can not only treat the ailments you complain of that certain day, but surrounding issues that are not your chief complaint.

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"What can't Acupuncture Treat?"

There are some limitations to Acupuncture. If the root of your complaint is a structural issue, Ie. Herniated and Bulging Disks, Torn Ligaments and Tendons, etc., Acupuncture will only be able to provide temporary relief. It is best to consult your Orthopedist, or other specialist who will be more equipped to solve those issues, and get you ready for acupuncture treatment in the future.


"How is it that I feel like my complaints are worse and my condition is aggravated?"

It's quite normal to feel like there is an aggravation or a worsening of your condition and complaints over the first few treatments. This is what is popularly known as the, "Healing Crisis". This experience signifies that your body is undergoing a "Molting" or "Detoxifying" process where it is reorganizing itself to be able to become a more balanced, efficient unit.

For example, exercising for the first time in your life or in a long time can cause you very intense, body pain or soreness, but after some rest and repetition, your body eventually gets stronger and healthier.


"How long should I expect to see results?"

The answer to this question varies case by case. The general rule is the greater quantity, frequency and quality of treatment you receive will dictate the kind of results you experience.

Bottom Line: You are more likely going to experience better results if you undertake numerous, more frequent treatments in a smaller window of time.


"How is your practice of acupuncture different from other acupuncturists?"

Although there are a growing number of practitioners practicing more distal styles of acupuncture, the acupuncture practiced at Uyayi can be differentiated on the basis that it utilizes Dr. Tan's Balance Method, a distal acupuncture style which is based upon philosophies of the I Ching. In this style, there are only rare occurrences when needles will be inserted into the problem area. There will be only rare occasions where an electro-stimulation unit will be used. 


"What is the difference between Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine?"

This is a common question. The main difference between Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine is in the fact that Acupuncture does not add any outside chemical influence. The needles are just stainless steel and do not have any medicated tips or shafts. It utilizes the healing properties your body has intrinsically. Herbs are the opposite. The herbs themselves have chemical properties that promote the healing process.


A classic metaphor that can explain the difference is as follows:

Acupuncture: Moving Money or transferring around your various bank or money accounts to accomplish various financial goals.

Herbs: Deposit or withdrawing money from these accounts.


How does Cosmetic Acupuncture work?

From a Bio-medical perspective, Cosmetic Acupuncture works because the
needling may cause micro-traumas in the skin to which the body can respond by increasing blood flow and the production of collagen and elastin for wound healing. The needling, which is done at the level of the dermis, may also stimulate neurotransmitter production.


From the Chinese Medicine perspective, Qi and Blood are being brought to the face, Qi is being lifted, and the body's energetic systems are being put into balance. This is why the wonderful side effects occur. The procedure is very low risk because the needling is so superficial; occasionally bruising occurs.


What does the course of cosmetic acupuncture treatment entail?

  • Besides the needling part of the procedure, I will talk with you about skin care, nutrition, and supplements that help you get and maintain the best results possible.


  • I may also recommend herbal formulas.


  • The procedure is twelve treatments that are scheduled twice a week for Six weeks.


"Do you take Insurance?"

Unfortunately, We do not take Insurance at this time. Sorry for this inconvenience.


"How do I get Started?"

Schedule an In-Person Consultation. 

In the Consultation, we will discuss if Acupuncture treatment is right for you. If we find that Acupuncture can help your specific case, we will give you our best recommendation in terms of a focused treatment plan in accomplishing your health goals. 

You can Schedule a Consultation in two ways.


1. By calling the clinic at 209-670-3847. If there is no answer, please leave a message with your Full Name, phone number, and email address, and someone will contact you as soon as possible.

2. Schedule your consultation online by clicking the button below.

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