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Acupuncture Session

What to Expect On Your First Visit

  • Your appointment will generally last for 1hour.

  • Before your first appointment you will need to complete the registration forms that have been sent to you through invitation to the Client Portal. email​

  • After checking in for your appointment, Francis will follow up on the information you provided in your intake forms and may ask you a series of detailed questions about any health problems or symptoms you might be having.​

  • If you are taking any medication or herbal supplements please let your acupuncturist know.

  • You may be asked to remove your shoes and socks and lie down. Most treatments will only require needling from Elbows and knees down. Please wear comfortable clothing in order to have the most relaxing, effective treatment.

  • After swabbing the various acupuncture points with alcohol, your practitioner will insert very thin, sterile, disposable needles.

  • The needles will be left in for approximately 25-35 minutes. As you are resting, you will be left with a paging device that can be utilized in case you need to contact your acupuncturist for any reason. Most people find acupuncture to be very relaxing; however, should you experience any pain or discomfort, please alert your practitioner right away so adjustments can be made.

  • Dietary and/or exercise changes might be suggested if it is beneficial to your treatment. There might also be some recommendations for traditional Chinese herbs if deemed appropriate as part of the suggested treatment plan.

  • After your treatment you’re invited to visit the reception desk to schedule your next appointment. Any herbs your acupuncturist recommended will be available during checkout.

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