Stage 1 ----- RELIEF

 2-4 Treatments a week

In this stage, the chief aim is the reduction of the acute, present pain or discomfort. While patients are in this stage, they should receive treatment 2-4 times a week, depending on the frequency and severity of the complaint. With enough treatment in this stage, the body will stabilize and be adjusted for the next stage.



Treatments a Week

In this stage, we correct or "re-educate" the body through any underlying injury or cause of discomfort. Through more treatment of acupuncture, herbs and implementation of necessary life style changes, there will be strengthening of the body's functions, restoring patients to a more perfect version of themselves. Treatment can be less frequent and depending on frequency and severity of the complaint, can be reduced to 1-2 a week.

Stage 3 -- RENEWAL

3-5 Times a Month

This stage is where treatments are geared towards keeping this more perfect version of the patient's self, in place. Through maintenance treatments, the body can have a sense of constant renewal preventing the previous and future complaints from returning or manifesting (showing up).


In contrast to Western Biomedical Medicine, the physicians of ancient times were highly regarded when their patients were never sick, rather than for their ability to cure them. This exemplifies that this stage is where acupuncture treatment is most necessary in the "Big Picture". (because you are preventing future complaints). The best way to cure disease, is to maximize your body's efficiency at preventing "DIS-EASE", and staying at ease.  Treatment frequency in this stage depends on your goals, but can be 3-5 times a month.